The Story Behind The Legendary Charging Bull

The Charging Bull has become a symbol of the American Stock Market. It is also one of the most popular sights in New York City. Tourists journey from all around to see the bronze beast, striking poses and snapping pictures in front of it.

The creator of the Charging Bull, Arturo Di Modica, is an Italian-American artist born in Sicily in 1941. Di Modica started sculpting in his teen years and quickly began to get recognized for it. By the age of 19, he moved to Florence. Within 12 years he became known throughout Italy for his sculptures. In the early 70’s, Di Modica moved to New York and opened a studio on Grand Street.

Di Modica created the Charging Bull using $360,000 of his own money. The sculpture weighs over 7,000 pounds and is 11 feet tall. You can find the Bull in Bowling Green near Battery Park and Wall Street. However, this was not the original location of the Bull. On December 15th, 1989, Di Modica set out during the early hours of the morning to place the statue. With the help of the Bedi Makky Art Foundry, they found a home for the Bull right outside of the New York Stock Exchange on Broad Street.

The Stock Market Crash of 1987 inspired the artist’s choice of animal. For Di Modica, the Bull was a symbol of the ”strength and power of the American people.”

Image Courtesy of Anthony Quintano (

The Charging Bull still enjoys an immense degree of popularity, and made headlines when Kristen Visbal’s Fearless Girl was placed in front of it. Di Modica put the statue up for sale in 2004 under the condition that it remain in the same place. However, he still owns the copyright for the piece.

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