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Corporate Events – The Wall Street Experience
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Our tours are developed and conducted by Wall Street executives and visit the important landmarks
of Wall Street. The tours weave together a story of recent financial events and the history of
Wall Street. Our multiple guides can accommodate large groups.

  • Learn about the 400 years of history that lead to modern Wall Street from the Dutch trading outpost to the humble beginnings of the NYSE to the current financial markets with an English-speaking guide
  • Get a glimpse of where the "captains of industry" and Wall Street's "master of the universe" live and work. Be inspired by how some of the biggest US financial institutions were built by immigrants and their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Hear what really brought down the “Too Big To Fail” organizations like Bear Stearns, Lehman, and AIG
Group of men in military uniform stand by Charging Bull near Wall Street.

The Trading Game 15 minutes

What can be more memorable than activities with active participation that leaves a positive
visceral memory? Feel what it is like to be on in trading pits! Develop key skills such as team
strategy, game theory, negotiation and communication in this 15 minute event.

  • Learn by doing! Simulates trading floor environment where competition breeds excitement. Students use team strategy, game theory negotiation and communication skills
  • We offer this complimentary with group tours of 20 participants or more
  • Click here for a printable PDF
Trading Game cover.

Capital Markets Trading Simulation
2 hours

This intense and fun simulation allows the group to manage a trading book as if they were on an
investment bank trading desk.

  • Simulates OTC broker dealer business
  • Participants operate in a team environment under time pressure to manage their risk and detect profit opportunities
  • Participants quote bid-ask prices, engages in price discovery, conducts both active and passive trades
  • Game theory, team strategy, asset market dynamics, price level, price discovery and market equilibrium; market efficiency; market making process: bid/ask spread, OTC trading; behavioral finance; risk and arbitrage
  • Click here for a printable PDF
Group of military men actively discuss market trading simulation.

Acting to Succeed workshop

This workshop is taught by professional performers and teaching artist in partnership with our
sister company:

  • Use performing technique to improve your charisma and presence
  • Learn to stretch your comfort zone and manage stage fright. Take risks. Think creatively. Think fast on your feet.
  • Discover how to market yourself to employers. What makes you unique? Gain new awareness of your public persona
  • Click here for a printable PDF
Middle aged man points sharpie to list of personality skills.

Your New York Documentary Experience

Capture your day in New York with a personalized documentary short film. We’ll work with you and
your students to create a professional-quality video showcasing your Wall Street Experience.

  • Our professional videographer will accompany your group on their tour, collecting your students experiences and personal reflections.
  • We’ll edit the footage and craft a short video highlighting your experience.
  • You’ll receive a wonderful record of your trip, perfect for sharing with your academic community and inspiring students back home.
  • For a limited time, we’re offering Your New York Documentary Experience complementary to our academic group customers.
  • Click here for a printable PDF
Guide Sandy with a college group on a tour of Financial Crisis.