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New York Times

"Seen it all? These tours are for you — The Wall Street Experience. Many New Yorkers would be uncomfortable going on a tour of their city… But city natives should know that not all tours feature noisy buses… the Empire State Building or other obvious sights. (This tour) would interest even the most highly informed born-and-bred.”

- New York Times

The Wall Street Journal

“The Quest to Explain Securities at Root of Financial Crisis” On a scorching summer day in lower Manhattan, a group of visitors from places like Belgium, Turkey and the U.S. eyed an unusual tourist attraction: a collateralized debt obligation. This intimate encounter with some confusing but important financial wizardry was part of the walking tour of the 2008 global crisis.”

- The Wall Street Journal

British Broadcasting Corporation

“Andrew is the ultimate insider. He traded collateralised debt obligations until the market collapsed – the very financial instruments that were at the heart of this crisis.”

- British Broadcasting Corporation

The Wall Street Journal

“For those who like to walk, another possibility is the Wall Street Experience ...The tours instead offer insider perspectives of the financial industry, with historical asides.”

- The Wall Street Journal

Fox News New York

“When it comes to the financial crisis, few people may be better qualified to be leading the tour. Andrew was a derivatives trader working with the very products that many say triggered the worst financial downturn... Financial Crisis Tour — a mix of history with some trivia thrown in, and a heavy dose of inside scoop.”

- Fox News New York


“I Took the ‘Financial Crisis Tour’ in Downtown Manhattan. This is What Happened” See the New York Stock Exchange! See the Charging Bull! See the former offices of Lehman Brothers!”


IBTimes TV

“The Wall Street Experience, Headlined by the Financial Disaster Tour.”

- IBTimes TV

“See The Financial Crisis on This Unusual Wall Street Tour” It’s rare that you get a guided tour through still unfolding carnage. Imagine walking through Aceh right after the tsunami or New Orleans while the rains from Katrina still fell. Lower Manhattan’s financial crisis tour doesn’t involve as much bad weather or physical danger, but it does give you the chance to learn about the most profound financial disaster in decades in the place where it all started….This is ‘The Wall Street Experience’.”



"The Financial Crisis Tour exceeded my expectations, with Luan sharing more insider info than I thought would have been possible."

- Travelmuse

Dow Jones Financial News

“One ex-trader offers people a unique insider’s take on the financial crisis. Then: vice-president, collateralised debt obligation trader, Deutsche Bank Now: Founder, The Wall Street Experience featuring the Financial Crisis Tour”

- Dow Jones Financial News

“Luan is a true insider – he traded collateralised debt obligations, which have become obscene concepts in polite society because of their involvement in AIG’s demise.”


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