Schools and Student Groups

We make Wall Street relevant, understandable, and entertaining. We host student groups from elementary school to university to executive education. Our mission is to entertain and inform while making Wall Street relevant and understandable. We can also help you to arrange multi-day tours.

Our group seminars and activities are interactive and fun. They simulate the activities and jobs on Wall Street. We believe the best way to learn is by doing. Activities can be arranged at a time/date of your convenience and our availability. Availability is limited so please book ahead of time.

Schools and Student Groups


  • IESE
  • wharton
  • Darkmouth
  • Columbia university
  • University of connecticut
  • MITSloan
  • california university
  • DECA
  • weaton academy
  • FBLA
  • USI
  • SUNY
  • ATM
  • Baruch

The Trading Game

Feel what it is like to be on in trading pits! Develop key skills such as team strategy, game theory, negotiation and communication in this 15 minute event.

Learn by doing! Simulates trading floor environment where competition breeds excitement. Students use team strategy, game theory negotiation and communication skills.

We offer this complimentary with group tours of 20 participants or more.

Capital Markets Trading Simulation

Capital Markets Trading Simulation

Simulates OTC broker dealer business

Students operate in a team environment under time pressure to manage their risk and detect profit opportunities.

Students quote bid-ask prices, engages in price discovery, conducts both active and passive trades.

Acting to Succeed

Acting to Succeed

This workshop is taught by professional performers and teaching artist in partnership with our sister company

Use performing technique to improve your charisma and presence

Learn to stretch your comfort zone and manage stage fright. Take risks. Think creatively. Think fast on your feet.

Discover how to market yourself to colleges or employers. What makes you unique? Gain new awareness of your public persona.

Your New York Documentary Experience

Your New York Documentary Experience

Capture your day in New York with a personalized documentary short film. We’ll work with you and your students to create a professional-quality video showcasing your Wall Street Experience.

Our professional videographer will accompany your group on their tour, collecting your students experiences and personal reflections.

We’ll edit the footage and craft a short video highlighting your experience.

For a limited time, we’re offering Your New York Documentary Experience complementary to our academic group customers.