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Top 9 Places To Eat and Drink Near Wall Street

Top 9 Places To Eat and Drink Near Wall Street

From street food to Michelin-star dining, New York City is known for its cuisine. If you’re touring Wall Street or visiting for the first time, you can build up quite an appetite.

We may not all be able to live like investment bankers, but, if you’re visiting NYC, you can eat and drink like one. Whether you want a five-course meal, budget eats, or just a few drinks after the markets close, the Financial District has enough to satisfy any wallet or palate.

Here are some of the best restaurants, bars, and eateries near Wall Street.

1. Adrienne’s Pizzabar

Located on the charming and historic Stone Street, Adrienne’s Pizzabar is a beloved spot for Wall Street workers on lunch break. While you can order sandwiches, salads, and veggie dishes here, Adrienne’s main attraction is clear: brick-oven pizza.

Our recommendation? Go for a full pizza. Served in an aluminum tray perfectly sized for one or two eaters, the rectangular pizzas are generously portioned. However, don’t let that stop you from finishing off the last slice. And don’t worry if you’re on a budget. While it’s a notch above the cost of fast food, the prices here are quite reasonable for New York.

Travel tip: If you’re visiting in spring or summer, snag a seat at one of the outdoor tables. There’s no experience quite like eating great pizza on the street in NYC.

2. Saga


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If fine dining or stunning views are your thing, Saga is a must on your Wall Street itinerary. 

Spanning the top four floors of a 66-story art deco building, Saga features open-air terraces and 360-degree views of the city.

The photo-worthy panorama is the right setting for the really excellent food here. The tasting menu changes seasonally, but the chef’s Moroccan background often shows up in flavorful dishes. Past favorites have included duck tagine, seafood with laksa sauce, and griddled flatbread.

There are two ways to experience food at Saga: a longer affair consisting of roughly seven courses and “the short story” — a faster-paced four-course offering served on Mondays through Wednesdays. 

With two Michelin stars, it’s impossible to make a wrong choice. Just be prepared to pay fancy prices.

3. The Malt House

Wall Street traders love a good deal. That might explain why The Malt House is so popular with locals. Their weekday happy hours are known for jaw-dropping prices on beer, cocktails, and delicious pub food.

If you’ve got a large group, the Malt House makes the perfect gathering place. There’s plenty of space, but it always feels inviting. Inside, the 18-foot ceilings, exposed brick walls, and Carnegie steel beams give off a warm, vintage look. And who doesn’t feel at home with a good cheeseburger?

Travel tip: If you’re visiting on the weekend, go for brunch and spring a little extra for bottomless cocktails. Try out the maltmosa if you want a beer-inspired twist on the mimosa. And fret not, they’ve got classic mimosas too.

4. Fraunces Tavern


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Lower Manhattan is full of history — Wall Street and the surrounding area are some of the oldest parts of the city. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find an NYC restaurant with a more historic atmosphere than Fraunces Tavern.

Originally built in 1719, the tavern used to be a favorite haunt of George Washington and hosted meetings for the Sons of Liberty during the American Revolution. The tavern even features a small museum dedicated to its role in American history. For more details, check out our guide to Fraunces Tavern.

With an exhaustive beer selection and several rooms, the tavern continues to draw crowds today. Even if you’re not a fan of beer, you can order a whiskey from the tavern’s Dingle Whiskey Bar or grab a bite to eat. George Washington liked the chicken pot pie, which is still on the menu.

5. Pisillo Italian Panini

Want to start an argument between two Lower Manhattan locals? Ask them to name the best sandwich at Pisillo’s.

Since it debuted in 2013, Pisillo’s enormous Italian sandwiches have become a staple of the Wall Street lunch scene. You can’t beat the amazing flavors and prices.

Stop by midday during the workweek, and you’ll see a cross-section of real New York City life. Trade workers, bankers, union reps, and public servants from the nearby city hall line up to order a No. 26 with porchetta and roasted peppers or a No. 1 with smoked mozzarella. The ingredients, like the owners, are authentically Italian — and also genuine New York.

Travel tip: While there is limited seating, Pisillo’s is mostly known as a grab-and-go place. On a nice day, take your sandwich to a bench in beautiful City Hall Park nearby.

6. The Cauldron NYC Downtown


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You don’t have to be a financial wizard to brew a little magic on Wall Street. Just a five-minute walk away from the Charging Bull, the Cauldron is a unique concept-driven pub that blends food and drink with an immersive experience. The menu is themed around magic, so the cocktails — ahem, potions —  feature concoctions like the Wizard of Menlo Park or the Blob, with a healthy amount of bubbling, dry ice, and flames thrown in.

A favorite gimmick at the Cauldron is the tech-powered “magic wand,” which you can use to turn on radios, dispense beer from the mouths of mounted unicorns, or check your bar tab in special mirrors. 

If you’re visiting with a group, consider booking a potion-making session. You’ll learn how to brew your own drinks and get some mixology tips too.

7. O’Hara’s Restaurant and Pub


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Although it’s in the middle of one of Manhattan’s busiest tourist districts, O’Hara’s Restaurant and Pub feels like a small-town Irish bar. The Guinness and bar food are great, but what makes O’Hara’s different is the crowd. Here you’ll get a unique mix of construction workers, bankers, and tourists — all in a friendly atmosphere that defies bristling New York stereotypes.

Located across from Ground Zero, O’Hara’s also plays a special role in commemorating the first responders who took part in 9/11. Following the first anniversary of the event, police, firemen, and other first responders began hanging patches from their uniforms on the wall. It started a tradition that’s grown and continued. You can now find service patches from all over the world adorning the walls of this cozy bar.

8. Carne Mare


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Carne Mare is a high-class chophouse located at the recently revitalized Pier 17. If you want to enjoy a great steak while overlooking the East River onto the Brooklyn Bridge, be sure to get a reservation.

Although it only opened in 2021, Carne Mare has quickly become a popular spot for Wall Street foodies and meat lovers. Several claim the restaurant’s 12-ounce gorgonzola-cured wagyu strip is the best steak in NYC.

While the emphasis is on meat here, don’t worry if you prefer less beefy fare. The fresh oysters, spicy crab lettuce cups, and complimentary milk bread also get high marks.

Local tip: Save room for dessert. The 17-layer chocolate cake and blueberry caramello have their own reputation.

9. Takahachi Bakery


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Located down the street from City Hall, Takahachi Bakery is a haven for pastry lovers or anyone seeking something a little unique.

Takahachi is known for authentic Japanese baked goods. Think delicate matcha croissants, fluffy strawberry shortcakes, and black sesame cream buffs. We recommend the mochi an-pan — matcha-covered buns filled with mochi and sweetened red beans. But if you’re steering clear of sweets, there are savory sandwiches and salads as well.

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