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Partner Programs – The Wall Street Experience
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Partner Programs

Hotel Partner Program
Word of mouth referral and repeat business starts with great consumer experience. Let see if we can jointly create a great experience for your guests.

#Make the Most of NYC and your hotel’s location
We can offer your guest free or discounted tour. You can offer this tour standalone or as a package with your hotel bookings. Past partnerships have included tours packaged with hotel stays. Guests discover the neighborhood of your hotel making their stay more meaningful and allowing them to make the most of your location.

Let’s jointly promote
We will promote you on our social media platforms and website. You will promote us on our social media platforms, website and physical locations. Thanks for considering a partnership with us. Reach out to us to discuss and get started.

Concierge Program
Let us take care of your guest on our daily tours or private/custom tours.

Contact us for a referral code that you can enter when you make the booking for us. This referral code will allow us to track your bookings and referral bonus.